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Cloud computing and the consumerisation of IT is changing the way small and medium sized enterprises use IT. Together with our Partners we aim to simplify the process of cloud service adoption and delivery.

  • Confidence

  • Certainty

  • Cost efficiency

  • Constant transformation

Our Portfolio

We have brought our extensive range of SME services under the Colt Ceano portfolio umbrella.

Our Colt Ceano Portfolio is offered through our trusted channel partners who bring extensive experience in tailoring and delivering business transformation for SMEs.


Colt Ceano

Our services

Our set of services let you:

  • Connect more cost-effectively with business-grade services;
  • Communicate effortlessly with the office and all your contacts;
  • Collaborate easily with your team, partners and clients;
  • Create and oversee a virtual IT infrastructure and protect your business and assets.


Colt Ceano remote and mobile working


Colt Ceano collaboration and communication


Our channel partners

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Tech Deficit Report

Colt commissioned research based on the responses of 852 technology decision-makers throughout Europe to assess how European organisations are supporting their business.

The research  looks at how ready their technology infrastructure is to support future ambitions as well as some of the conflicts that emerge, such as maintaining data security while improving business flexibility.

The research shows that the Tech Deficit touches businesses of all sizes across Europe and highlights that most do not think that their infrastructure is ready to meet the challenges that future business demands will place on it.

Businesses require technology and infrastructure to adapt and respond to the faster pace of change, arising from the digital economy. The digital economy is opening the doors to new technologies and associated revenue streams across different sectors.