Firewalls are a core component of an overall network and information security strategy and architecture in a digital era

Our managed firewall service provides you with network security that blocks or allows traffic by IP address and port/protocol. It provides the baseline protection to your IT infrastructure service.

With the 24×7 management and support of Colt network infrastructure; 24×7 monitoring, analysis and resolution of alarms and warnings you can rest assure your infrastructure is safe.

  • Protect critical networks and application services

  • Prevent intrusions from hackers, viruses, web-borne threats

  • Put a barrier between a trusted network and another network

  • Control the incoming and outgoing network traffic

How it works


Colt offers the Managed Hosted Firewall service as a dedicated platform for each customer instance. We use a dedicated, secure network for operational management of our customers’ firewalls in each of our Data Centres.

The service comprises installation, operation and maintenance of dedicated firewall hardware, software and policies, and round-the-clock management and monitoring by the Colt Security Operations Centre (SOC). The Colt SOC proactively responds to new threats, and draws on the vast security expertise accumulated by its Security Threat Intelligence programme, in order to secure your infrastructure.

Colt supports multiple firewall manufacturers. If we are hosting an application for you whose availability is a concern under any form of failure condition, we recommend redundant-pair firewall configuration.

For mission critical applications, we design your infrastructure with a multi-layered firewall set up to maximise your network perimeter security. On certain firewalls, we also support deep inspection which adds signature based intrusion protection by identifying and blocking at the transport layer and thus extending the protection provided by the firewall.

Key features

Standard features:

  • Options of dedicated Cisco ASA, Juniper SSG and Checkpoint 2012 appliances
  •  Network-level filtering, stateful packet inspection, protocol anomaly, VPN termination, NAT, PAT and network address spoofing protection
  • Designed, installed and configured firewall rules in accordance with the customer‟s security policy
  •  Centralised log storage and retention period of 90 days
  •  Online performance reporting of the firewall device

Optional features:

  • Review of security rule sets
  • Design review of your firewall implementation
  •  Extension of log retention from 90 days to 180 days

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